Usually available for sessions daily between 10am- 10pm, strictly by appointment only. Enquiries are also taken for overnight and weekend appointments.  I also offer some 30 minute sessions (these are charged at the normal hourly rate) ideal if you are having a stressful day at work and need some relief on your lunch Break!

A respectful approach is always well-received, but please do tell me exactly what it is you would like. I am a very open minded and experienced mistress with a sense of humour so please don’t feel embarrassed or nervous!

For confirmed bookings, you should send an email or text the day before, to confirm you are attending, and again on the day at least two hours prior to the session starting. You will be given the directions / address details once you have paid your deposit.  Bank account details will be given once we have discussed your needs and you would like to go ahead with booking. I recommend allowing an extra 10 minutes before the session starts, if it is our first time together. To secure your session time you will be required to pay a deposit which is deducted from the session tribute. Please pay the outstanding amount in cash, on arrival before the session begins. The quicker we get that out of the way, the sooner the fun begins…

Cancellations received within 24 hours are subject to a charge. At least 24 hours notice is preferable as I am a busy lady, but occasionally I am able to do same-day bookings, ideally you should give me at least 2 hours notice so that I have time to coordinate everything.

When you arrive we will discuss your interests, your boundaries/limits in detail, and your health. You have no need to be embarrassed so speak openly with me about your fantasies; your honest communication in this area will greatly enhance your session. I will also need to know about any health problems, physical limitations, recent surgeries or injuries you may have, and you will need to let me know if you are unable to be marked or allergic to anything

I DO NOT OFFER PERSONAL INTIMATE SEXUAL SERVICES SO DON’T EMBARRASS YOURSELF BY ASKING! I may allow you to hand relieve yourself at the end of the session if you’ve earned it (or for my amusement, should it be appropriate to the style of session), but there is no guarantee.


There are a few things I do not tolerate: drug or alcohol use or influence during session, bad manners, bad hygiene or bad timing. If you are drunk, appear to be on drugs or have bad hygiene the session will be cancelled! Be respectful, be on time, don’t be late and don’t arrive earlier than five minutes before the session is due to begin (unless it is our first session together)If you are running late please let me know.


Also on offer – Master and Mistress double sessions with a very stern handsome Dom.

Please note, Master and Mistress double sessions take time to coordinate, therefore there is little chance that same day appointments are available unless a Double Session Day is advertised.